Javier Perez – Instagram Originals

Ecuadorian artist/illustrator… ....


Ecuadorian artist/illustrator Javier Pérez – aka cintascotch – has translated a unique and spontaneous imagination into over 150 thousand Instagram followers.  Perez creates small drawings that he completes with unexpected but everyday objects from coins to Scrabble tiles; leaves; paperclips and grapevines.  

His practice has been to assemble the composition, photograph it for his Instagram page, and then dismantle the drawing. 
Now, exclusively for our clients, the artist is creating permanent examples of a few of his favorites. 
Each is made with all-archival materials on archival paper, and sealed in a small, elegant, display frame/case.  
Sizes vary, but range from about 3 inches square up to 9 inches square. 
After looking at the currently available pieces on this page, please click the link to the left and visit the cintascotch Instagram page. 
A marvelous diversion.