Dalí for Argillet | Les Amours de Cassandre of Ronsard

Pierre de Ronsard, often called the greatest...

Bust of Ronsard

French poet of the 16th century,
is particularly noted for his love poems.
In 1966, with Argillet’s encouragement,
Dali began a set of etchings based on
Ronsard’s, Les Amours de Cassandre.
Ronsard was a great figure of the Renaissance, and his love poems – short, elegant and delicate – are among his finest works. Dali, in rising to the challenge, created perhaps his softest, and most graceful suite of etchings.  The nude is beautifully rendered; a couple are gently cradling each other in the light and warmth of a candle; and Femme au Page depicts a woman whose authority is enhanced by the verve of Dali’s line work.  The most surprising touch, and the most lavish, is Dali’s portrait of the poet himself, elegant thin lines sharing space with dramatic, regal gilding.

Documentation & Edition Details

Les Amours de Cassandre. Released by Argillet, Paris. 1966-1967 Image size: 12.5 x 16.25 in. 318 x 413 Reference: Michler/Lopsinger 248, 249, 251-253, 255-257 Suite of 18 hand-colored etchings reworked in drypoint; of which 10 are 12.5 x 16.25 in, and 8 are small studes of the female nude. The latter are shown seperately in these pages as, “Petit Nus d’Ronsard.” Each etching is signed by Dali in the same area as the artist’s blindstamp. Each is numbered at lower left. Two editions were created; the first on paper, numbered the second on Japon nacré, numbered Provenance of examples purchased: Salvador Dali/Pierre Argillet to the Argillet family to SHFA to you. The work you receive has been archivally stored, in Paris, for 47 years, and is in untouched condition.

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